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seed Extract

Vinomerix is a highly purified grape seed extract series standardised to monomer content. Vinomerix is manufactured from the seeds of finest grapes available in the world, Champagne region of France

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Defatted Fenugreek Seeds

Fenuflakes is a food ingredient with High protein-High fibre and Low fat-Ultra Low Carb Nutritional profile. Fenuflakes is defatted flakes derived from Fenugreek seeds

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Mintext TM


Mintnext is a highly purified Mint (Mentha arvensis L.) extract series standardised for Rosmarinic acid. Mentha arvensis is an ancient medicinal herb used in traditional medicinal system and various food preparations

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Serocen TM

Asiatica Extract

Serocen is a highly purified centella asiatica L. extract standardised for specific Triterpenoid glycosides. It. has been used as a food and medicinal herb

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Seed Extract

Biocreat is a highly purified extract derived from fenugreek seed which is a clinically proven composition to increase bioavailability of creatine in muscle cell

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Seed Extract

Hyperox is a fenugreek seed extract standardised for Yamogenin glycosides. It is an innovative and never seen before ingredient in the Pre-workout segment

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Joint Health

Recoupedrol is a highly purified extract standardised for Glycosides. Recoupedrol is backed by 4 human clinical studies

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For Post
Workout Recovery

Recoupedrol was tested on 130 patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis in a double-blind placebo-controlled study for 3 months and followed by 9 months open-label study

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Anti-ageing effect of Recoupedrol on facial skin is evaluated in women by Monocentric, double blinded, placebo controlled, randomised parallel study

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Seed Extract

Torabolic contains a highly purified patented standardized extract from Trigonella foenun-greacum) seeds, that has been shown to promote anabolic muscle activity and strength, without affecting androgenic hormones.

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Who we are

Natrusolate is a branded Ingredient division of Indus biotech which has more than 169 granted patents, 35 human clinical studies , 60 toxicological studies and 72 peer reviewed publications

Our products find application in many industries

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At our full-fledged pilot plant, we are in a continuous process of adding more high pure extracts from food chain botanical source

  • IND02- Type A polyphenols for Immunity and Endurance training
  • FEFLG for prostate health

Use of water & cane alcohol only

100% recovery of active markers

World class manufacturing facilities

Accreditations of global standards

Extracts of active markers of highest purity

No use of industrial solvents or chemicals

Validated product safety through toxicology studies

Highest standards of quality control

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